Did “Neil Armstrong” convert to Islam?


My friends & I received several emails claiming that Neil Armstrong converted to Islam. The emails included PowerPoint presentations the stated the assumption as a fact and advertised it to Muslims all over the world (not just in Saudi Arabia).

“NASA would say something if this fact was true!” I was thinking. The simplest thing to do is to Google or Wik the fact. Isn’t it?

Here I share couple of “facts” from what i found

(and you may search for more. If you found something related to share with us, please do. I was looking for a Islamic Sites that corrected the assumption. Unfortunately, i couldn’t find one):

“An assumption widespread in Muslim countries is that when Armstrong (and Aldrin) were on the Moon, they heard a strange singing voice that they discovered was the adhan (Islamic call to prayer), and that this caused them to convert to Islam after their flight. In March 1983, the United States Department of State released a press statement for embassies and consulates in Muslim countries that attempted to dispel the myth noting that Armstrong had not moved to the country of Lebanon, nor converted to Islam.”


There was also a rumour in circulation that Armstrong had converted to Islam. It’s difficult to track down the source of the rumour, but it may have originated in comments uttered by Armstrong in a different context. The story goes that Armstrong heard the Muslim call to prayer while on the Moon, and upon hearing it later on Earth, promptly converted to Islam. Added to the confusion is that Armstrong’s official mailing address is in Lebanon, Ohio. Armstrong has several times respectfully but firmly attempted to correct the impression that he has converted to Islam.

Discovery Channel Canada

So, Are you going to forward more stuff without authenticating the facts? Do you want to be responsible of spreading rumors or false fact about our religion? Isn’t it time to stop, think and make a change?

Best Regards,

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  1. This is hilarious. Can’t believe that Muslims are still falling for such rumors!

    • 2 Imran khalid

      Islam is a heavenly religion, followed by millions, people of all class of society, why to bring up this topic of Armstrong’s conversion to Islam, does Islam depends on such conversions,, best to leave his belief to himself, he should be admired for his non controversial life and his achievements for the benefit of all mankind, in fact issues related to his accomplishments should be discussed. RIP. Amen.

  2. 4 KG

    Yeah, I couldn’t believe that too. If you searched the net for the sites that are mentioning that Nail converted, you will find it spreading even among Uzbekistani communities!

    • 5 faisalnoor77@gmail.com

      listen -”dr. zakir naik” whole lectures.then decide yourself which one is true.

      • 6 Allah

        Zakir is kaffir. I am sending him to hell tomorrow.

  3. 7 Sean Wahidi

    Rumors also stated that Neil saw a large crack on the moons surface which caused him to convert to Islam, Because in the Quran it is stated that Prophet Muhammoud(PBUH), placed the crack there with a gesture of his fingers. Her is the website with the photo: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap021029.html

  4. Dear Sean,

    Many thanks for sharing the link.

  5. 12 RL

    I was first told of this when I was very young… and until now, I had not thought to “google” and all the while believed it… I must admit that i may have also vehemently perpretrated this myth! anywayS from now on i’ll be sure to confirm these rumors before passing them on!

  6. 13 verité

    Your source are corruptide.. In wikipedia it’s says that he never say no about the islamic voice on the moon… and it’s the same in his autobiography..

  7. 14 Rizwan

    hi there,
    i hope this is not rumor altough its his luck that he didnt received truth…


    • 16 Mohd Ilyas

      Aameen ,,,Masha Allah..See these are the signs that Islam is the only true religion that will give you success.Allah says in Quran::O prophet (PBUH) SWS See how do I showing them different signs(to accept ISLAM) but again they moving against to it.

      So.I would like to request(not force) to all: “”accept Islam and do what does Allah say and protect yourself from the fire of HELL””

    • 17 Hara-Kiri

      ’12 Friends’?

      There were only two men on the moon.

      Fuck’s sake. I’m a Muslim. I pray and I believe in Allah. But hell, I won’t go on websites and make up something to prove that ‘Islam is the true religion’.

      This is pathetic. You’re so desperate to make people believe your bullshit. You’re fucking nuts.

      May Allah help you, dude. May Allah help you.

  9. ALLAH knows he’s Islamic!

  10. Everyone should convert Muslim.



  11. HE’S MUSLIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 22 KG

    Dear RL,

    I’m very glad that you did put an action plan as a reaction to this. I salute you. This is a very positive attitude.

    Dear Verite,

    That does not make the source “Corrupted” and does not confirm that fact too.

    Dear Rizwan,

    Allah said in the Holy Quran: “It is true thou wilt not be able to guide every one, whom thou lovest; but God guides those whom He will and He knows best those who receive guidance.” 028.056

    القصص (آية:56): انك لا تهدي من احببت ولكن الله يهدي من يشاء وهو اعلم بالمهتدين

    Dear Muhamad,

    I’ve checked oprah.com and couldn’t find any reference for the show episode that you have mentioned. If you can share with us any resource we will be grateful

    Dear Osama Abudiginian & Saddom Abdulla,

    We wishing him to be a Muslim is different than the fact that he is one. I wish that he is/was a Muslim too, As a matter of fact we all wish that the rest of the world convert to Islam be cause we believe it’s the right religion and because we have been instructed to convey it’s message to everyone, but that is not the case and would never be the case.

    Wishes are wishes and Facts are Fact! What’s the benefit of claiming that some well-known public figure is Muslim while he was not! The harm of spreading roamers like these is grater than the benefit that someone would assume!

    The profit –Peace be Upon Him- didn’t claim that “Omar Ibn AL-Khattab” is a Muslim to convince other to convert, he prayed for him to be a Muslim and Allah answered his prayers. On the other hand, The profit’s PBUH prayers didn’t make his beloved and supporting Uncle convert to Islam.

    Allah said in the holy Quran: “Not upon you (Muhammad (peace be upon him)) is their guidance, but Allâh guides whom He wills.” – 001.272

    البقرة (آية:272): ليس عليك هداهم ولكن الله يهدي من يشاء

    – Khloud

  13. Sure he is a Muslim

  14. Dear Hala,

    Again, in the video, Dr. Abdel El Baset was talking about a different thing. Yes, he referred to a research that Neil Armstrong maybe generated or was involved with.

    but it didn’t mention anything about his “Conversion” to Islam.

    + I don’t like the theory of “Fact being hidden or researches getting disappeared” because of a “conspiracy”

    However, thank you for sharing the link and for participating in the discussion.



  16. 27 Mohammad Asiri

    Thank you all for this wonderful discussion.
    I noticed that all of us have a good Islamic well to serve and spread out Islam message but the difference – and surely it is a big difference – the discipline of reacting to rumors.
    Some believe that spreading out this story is a +ve and would be beneficial even if verified its falseness (I’d read that some semi- scholars had initiated false hadeeths claiming that the profit (pbuh) have said it, when they’d been asked why you created these lies while you know that profit Muhammad (pbuh) have said those who create lies about me will surely have their seats in the hellfire. The liars replied we did not create liars about him, we created them for his sake and benefit!!!!).
    Others believe that Islam does not need these rumors to be spread nor get benefit from Armstrong conversion to Islam – if true. In fact Neil himself who would get benefit from being a Muslim. SO it is better to pause for a while before re sending any unauthenticated rumors until its being verified.
    Profit Muhammad (pbuh) say that (he is surely a liar who tells all what he hears) or something alike.


  17. 28 KG

    Dear Mohammed,

    Well Said, I can’t agree more.

    Barak Allah feek.

  18. 29 hesham

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
    بارك الله فيك أخ محمد فإنه يجب الحفاظ على هذا الدين من كل ادعاء بدون دليل و لولا فضل الله ثم جهد علمائنا لضاعت أحاديث
    رسول “صلى الله عليه و سلم” في طوفان الأحاديث الموضوعة من الجهال و المنافقين. فأسأل الله أن يرينا الحق حقا و يرزقنا اتبعه و يرينا الباطل باطلا و يرزقنا اجتنابه.و جزاكم الله خيرا جميعا.
    و السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

  19. 30 ALI

    Assalam Alikum,
    brothers and sisters
    I have just recieved a mail with this presentation today, claiming that Neil armstrong has converted to Islam and thats what made me Google for this topic and fortunately at the end I reached up to this web site, And till now I didnt get any resources proving this rumor.
    Any way thanks for raising this issue. Indeed in the recent years alot of issues and topics have been spread among Muslims as rumors some +ve and some -ve but without any evidence or resources. This is bad for the UMMA cause spreading such rumors without having any true evidence or without trying to find the truth is a sin in Islam.
    I hope from every Muslim to be carful ecspecially in FWD mails and news to others, cause we are going to be asked in the day of judjment about what ever we spread.

  20. 31 KG

    Dear Ali & Hashim,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  21. So what if he has?? It would be mighty interesting to get an Arab perspective on Muslim conversions to Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity. We may not necessarily be able to stomach such conversions but they do and can happen to people like us. May the creator protect them from the wrath and antics of lesser mortals like us who are so easily given to hatred, spite and vengeance.
    Peace to all.

  22. 33 amir kazmouz

    if he is having a pure feart and soul he become islam , for now days america is watching that many cristian are becoming muslims and there numbers are increasing and its reaches more than 2 milion , even in france , united kingdom chaina and others
    but we ask our self why? and why not the opposit ?
    the answer its the holly kor2an than prooving him self he is the most remarable and the most greatest book will be ever , every thing we discovered o will we will find it in the kor2an , thats the prof that its from allah (god) and the islam do not come up with ideas or muhammed the last profit and the last riligion will be on earth this riligion is the riligion of all profits , and who wants to reject islam he certenly a stupid persone that he forget the truth
    now nill see the truth cuzz he read the islamic beleve and he understand the riligion and find out what dose it mean whta dose it give you and why
    islam will last and the world will be and become a muslim even u if u want to seek the truth o f every thing
    the scisnce will be one of the witnisiss cuzz its already found it in the kor2an every every thing in siencs is found in kor2an even the sciencs that we not discovred yet and let the days talk ,
    seek the truth , and only the truth
    allah akbar la elah ela allah

  23. 34 zaid

    Dear Muslims,

    I am very proud of our brothers and sisters that they are actually taking interest in what happened a long time back concerning our religion.On the other hand one needs to realize that just by labelling someone who is well known or ordinary does not make him a muslim.Talking about islam and following it are two different cases if one actually sits down to asses the case of neil armstrong then the truth can be very vague due to the misinterpretations people have come up with.All i would like to say is that may Allah guide the misguided and before we are concerned with who was a muslim or not we shall make sure that we are completing and fullfiling the duties God has endowed upon us.Just because it is our religion it does not give us the right to beleive rumors and change another mans religion.What neil armstrong saw that day and what he heard is all known by Allah and stressing over it will not get us any where but confuse our minds so the best alternative we have is pray for more people to convert and let and the ones who dont be as “there is not compulsion in religion”…..thanking you all very much Zaid Majeed.

  24. 35 Neelam

    I know God is not bound by laws of physics but he usually respects them.So its impossible to hear sound on moon bcuz there r no particles to transmit it.I wish people would stop spreading dumb rumours it makes Islam look really absurd.No one has any proof Armstrong saying he converted and the reason for it (if he did and thats a BIG IF). Seriously if he had woudnot he said anything about it by now.So v should give up our celebrity conversion infatuation.

  25. 36 haris

    neal arm strong is a muslim

  26. 37 karim

    We as Muslims have better duties in life, forget about this topic. And spread Islam.
    Mr Neil is not going to get us anywhere. If he did go to the moon we will not know what he saw or heard

  27. 38 Amr Mokhtar

    Dear brothers, assalamo aleycom.
    If some body embrasses islam so the credit goes to him, otherwise Islam dosen’t need more proofs of being the religion of god, it is obvious to anybody who reads about Islam from a nuteral point of view and withot prejudice, and if we want all the world to be muslims it is just because we want to take them all to heaven because there is a room to everyone there otherwise every body should choose his own desteny.

  28. 39 Firas Horani

    In this regard I’m mostly worried about the emotional and rushing way many of the moslems are dealing with such news… I also received the same e-mail saying that Mr. Armstrong converted and googled my way here; I just hope our moslem fellows be more rational and subjective in dealing with such issues.. Another example for this is an e-mail I received saying that a scientist (no name mentioned) discovered how healthy sujood is for discarding all effects of electromagnetic emmisions that our bodies receive during our daily life.. In my opinion each and every info needs to be checked otherwise we will be be proving to the haters that we have a serious inferiority problem that we are trying to compensate with false encouraging inforamtion…
    As for Mr. Armstrong I believe the only way to make sure is that he personaly confirms or denies..

  29. 40 Khan Bilal

    aslam o alaikum,

    dear muslim brothers and sisters check out this site with the written version of the conversation of the astronauts.
    they saw the holy qur’an and heard the azaan!
    >>>>>>>>http://www.moon-temple.org/EN/8.html <<<<<<<<

  30. 42 muslimah

    As Salam Alakum
    I dont know why it just hit me to google this about Neil Armstrong. I have been telling this to people without any real proof. I also read about him on Oprah but I found nothing on the net to back that up. Not that I am concerning myself with some one elses life or conversion but his reasons are what is interesting. And when talking with non muslims about Islam it is something that makes them think. You can talk to some one til youre blue in the face but having some one they could “relate” to could make them think long after the conversation. And yes this could all be a hoax or yes he could have converted but none of those things (the azan or moon splitting) could have never happened he could have just learned on his own, anything is possible. I think that we muslims want to believe this is possible. We all belive so strongly in Islam that we say yes this could happen. But at the same time ( this is my favorite) the whole going to the moon could all be a hoax to. I guess in the end lets just be happy for him finding the true religion, if that is what happened.
    Salam Alakum

  31. 43 jalani

    Assalamo Alaikom…
    we should stop spreading these rumours…Islam will prevail without these people…

  32. 44 E

    Maybe you should read the man’s authorized biography. He wasn’t ever and isn’t now a muslim. I’m pasting the ref below.

    FIRST MAN: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong
    James R. Hansen
    Simon & Schuster
    ISBN: 074325631X

  33. 45 E

    And btw… while I’m at it: You’ll never be able to travel the cosmos as long as you hold onto childish myths. Those would include, but are not limited to, jesus, yahweh, allah, the easter bunny, and santa claus. Grow up, folks.

  34. Neil was a muslim. no doubt. what is the problem with Non-muslims i.e chritians & jews. why r they misleading world.

  35. Surely he was becam a muslim.

  36. 48 matnook

    I think all this talk about so and so celebrity is a Muslim and so and so great man is now is a Muslim, should be stopped immediately. It the work of a lunatic prankster ,an idiot who are trying to embroil the Muslim Citizens into useless self appreciation and self elevation for nothing. Muslims thought that it is their major success to hear such and such celebrity is now a Muslim. this idiot; the rumor mongers; for all we know is a school boy playing the stupid April fool games. As it is now nobody can trace the source of such gossips and mischief. Can anybody tell me the source of the messages?. Internet is certainly the culprit. Some ignorant Muslim, magnify the silly news by several dimensions . Such hoaxes do appear from time to time and some stupid souls pick the news and the numskull believe the news as facts. You must have heard about the news of the imminent arrival of the end of the world,the hypothesis of Global warming, the Evil of Communist Philosophy that leads to the futile cold war, thge prankster of the Weapon of Mass Destruction, the myth of 4 million people of a particular race being burnt to death in concentration camps, the Myths of Islam spread by the sword, Christians destroyed several civilizations in South America, red Indians are the valiant and the cowboys are always the heroes as portrayed by John Wayne. I think we should refrain our selves from being dragged into this silly embroil. Mussli8ms be smart don’t be fooled into a messy argumentative trap

  37. 49 shadi

    hello brothers & sisters in ISLAM SUNNAH
    Only ALLAH knows best, not us people
    if you wanna ask Mr Armstrong he will tell us what he heard
    just wanna ask all jews & christians if you all go up in a moon & hear the azzan
    what would you all do?

    • 50 Justin

      just wanna ask you back all muslims what if you all go up in a moon & do not hear the azzan? what would you all do?

  38. no doubt he is muslim. i have confirmed through reliable resources. to read more about ISLAM plz visit the website. http://www.dawateislami.net

  39. 52 MR. SMILE

    Dear muslims,

    Did neil himself said that he converted into muslim? I think we should seek first some informations if what is truth or not..Do you think Allah will be happy if he saw his people making some lies information? Maybe we should pray instead of debating such _____ discussions…For me as long as you believe in him no matter what sector you are..He will guide you..So, Muslims dont be too proud if neil armstrong is converted or not because there is no true information regards that issue..Debating our religions is not good to discuss..

    Roman Catholic

  40. 53 MR. SMILE

    Dear iftikhar,
    Well you have confirmed to your reliable resources because you are a muslim,no doubt that you confirmed to your own religions website,near to your family..

    Roman Catholic

  41. 54 mahani

    its true neil armstrong is a muslim.

  42. 55 mahani

    it’s true bacause when neil armstrong walked on the moon he heard the word “Allahu Akbar” means “God Is Great”, After that when he back to the earth he bacame a muslim.

  43. 56 cute

    no it’s not true.

  44. 58 MR. SMILE

    Dear mahani,

    We know that Neil Armstrong did go to moon but it is not yet proven that he heard these words “Allahu Akbar”. No one could know to what is true nor not, our GOD is the one who knows this. Maybe muslims gives some memos to neil to spreads these articles or these futile things. In muslims all are possible because they are so Ridiculous in terms of there behavior, in short they can do what they want because all of us knows that they are the one who starts a war. Sorry for this, I’m just concerned for my our religion as well as yours..

    • 59 RAIS Akbar

      Dear Smile, first of all, I wish u all the best and advise u not to brand any people as ridiculous whether they are Christians, Jews, Hindu etc.

      A muslim can not be ridiculous in behaviuor as alleged bu you. Conduct of prophet Mohammad PBUH shows us that. I m a Muslim and thankfull to God for that. U may read the Holy Quran for better undestanding of Islam and its teaching. I m sure that u will have different views, if God willing.

      A MUSLIM

  45. 60 Khalifah

    I think its best we just stop wasting time on the internet and do our daily prayers and read our great quran.

  46. In this discussion pannel, KG is Bastered & enemy of Islam.

    Armstrong was a muslim. Cofirm.

  47. 62 WILLIAM

    For some sanity check the link below


  48. 63 From the Heaven

    Hey SHADI, I am not Jewish So I can’t tell You abt the Jewish what they will do after returning from the Moon.
    After returning from the Moon, we ( Christians) would pray to God in following words.

    Oh! Lord,
    It’s EnougH
    Now the Time has come to destroy the Evil because he (Lucifer/ Satan) has reached on the Moon with all his deceitfulness,to astray your Folks.

  49. Очень полезная вещь, спасибо!!

  50. 65 mubarak

    Dear Mr. Smile,
    Just stop discussion here.It doesn’t matter whether Neil Armstrong heard “Allahu Akbar” or not. Because Islam is great forever.And Mr. Smile , is this language that your religion has taught you.Before blaming Islam you should look what you have done in past.

  51. 66 Justin

    I do not understand why such a huge excitement for a man? I am not bothered whether Neil converted into islam or not, I am not here to follow him, but to follow Christ.

  52. 68 SyedSaadHusain

    the World is in the hands of Western media…if Google or Wikipedia approved dis News to b correct den…lakhs of people wud attracted towards Islam…and dey don’t wnt dis tu happen…dey even did not popularised the statement and proofs given by Sunita Williams…she saw dat the whole Earth was luking very dark except two points wich brightens a lot…after gettin information they found dat it was Mecca and Medina…she says dat she can’t even see Great Wall of China…the image u can see from Google….

  53. 69 michael

    Wow. Are you people serious? How ignorant can you be? You are all make Muslims look like idiots. Again, I am dumbfounded that you people are having a serious conversation about this topic. Please stop this nonsense. It make Muslims look so desperate for Muslim contributions to modern science. Anyone who actually takes this seriously is completely oblivious of reality. If I was Moslem, I would be extremely embarrassed that this lie is actually being debated, and being portrayed some as fact. As a Christian, I Am offended and a bit annoyed that you are trying to take a Christian achivement and make it a Moslem one. Instead, you should be trying to come up with your own achievements. That would be the honest choice. An every religion preaches honesty to others, as well as YOURSELF. Absolutely, undeniably RIDICULOUS. (Let’s see if you actually allow this message to be posted.)

    • 70 michael

      I am referring specifically to the Niel Armstrong nonsense, by the way.

  54. 71 Islam Religion

    Michael, if you don’t know about our history, then here you are what your people know about our heritage :


  55. 72 kafirun

    Allah swt is a big lier (Qs 8:30)

    • 73 Pathan

      Allah creatd u and u are a great duffer kafirun….. He wl punish u and u wil b burnt in hell fires…any one cn ans. Me-dn answer who creatd mankind?tl me u all non muslims.. Plz b muslim,d true religion of love and peace,else u wil celebrate in hell fire

  56. 74 michael

    Islam religion,
    Educate yourself a bit. It’s the 21st cenury, you can’t lie about things like that anymore and not expect people to find the truth. You want the truth? Here you go. http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Islamic_Inventions%3F_How_Islamic_Inventors_Did_Not_Change_The_Worl

  57. Hallo in which base you say if NASA ……self Nasa past about kaaba something in their homepage in internet after 21 days that version abs. removed from website
    the nasa keep secret maney things which USA didn’t allow them to expose that and……..
    anyway we whole muslim not only say but proved and self neil armstrong in iran express his faith and in egypt too
    the Dr. keit moor too become muslim and…….

  58. 77 Syed Babul Hussain

    Aslamu alaikum,
    it is a amiracle,
    but if u wanted to see more miracle
    look “quran”
    Quran is the miracle of miracle

  59. 78 Pathan

    Hey frnds..islam z nly d true religion whose followers wil go heaven…islam z d religion of peace and love…allah created the universe,mankind and animals..y somepeople dnt believe it?dn who created all things?? Dnt u all hav mind! Allah is d greatest and merciful.so ask 4giveness 4m him and be a true muslim wid good deeds..

  60. 79 Pathan

    U r wrong neelam…allah z d greatest.he cn do anytng,and he did… Hw cn sound nt transmitd on moon? If allah wants,anytng cn happen..and wt z d benefit 2 muslims in spreading rumour? And its true,if false hw cn dey self spread.wt z d benefit..plz b scared odrwise u wl b thrown at fire of hell..i hope u wl undrstnd…allah nly creatd whole universe..and no1 else cn create.

  61. 80 Hara-Kiri

    (WARNING: This may come off as offensive, so don’t reply with rage. I warned you.)

    Good fucking lord, you people.
    How desperate are we to make everybody believe in our religion? It’s pitiful, really.
    We already have this many people converting to Islam by the sword of INTELLECT and not violence, yet we spread those rumors and scuttlebutt in order to persuade disbelievers to convert.

    This only portrays us in a bad way; even worse, we have no proven facts to support it, but we’re still bolstering and sustaining this ridiculous hearsay and are believing this bullshit.
    No wonder the Westerners think we’re barbaric, brainless ignoramuses.

    Good job spreading the word, brothers and sisters. Good job.

    • 81 Hara-Kiri

      “O you who believe! If a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done.” [49:6]

      Allah told us to confirm the news we hear before we could spread it, or before we could even believe it.

      What are you guys doing now?

      Don’t tell me you’re just neglecting all the reasoning and fact behind this because you want to believe Armstrong is a Muslim and that this shows the truth of Islam.
      It does not.

      As long as it’s unproven, it does not.

  62. 82 Sulaiman khan

    Hi people,

    Plz don’t waste time in quarelling with one another and finding truth on the web ,just read the Holy Quran ,all your doubts will be get cleared and u will find whether it is true or not ,NO need to argue with others whether someone is converted to islam or not.
    it will give you more benifit. Islam is not a religion for a specific group,race or
    area it is for all the humanity and there is no shame for one to follow the truth and God is close to those who obey Him more.

  63. Hey there! I’ve been reading your web site for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the fantastic work!

  64. 84 A muslim

    This rumor is as true as me being bill gates, which am not and just wish to be of course. Simple basic facts just prove this rumor wrong: 1) Sound doesn’t travel in space(never was it heard at NASA by the radio systems of Niel and buzz). 2) Funny how they were able to hear a sweet melody ignoring the static disruptions on their radios. 3) Buzz aldrin never switched to Islam neither has their been a rumor of him doing so only niel was caught up by this rumor 4) Niel never performed hajj(a Muslim must perform it if he is capable of which I think he was completely capable of) 5) never did he accept of his conversion. I don’t know why many Arabs/Muslims invent these rumors, I’m ashamed and aggravated by these people, they do nothing but make our religion look bad and if I come across either one of them I would certainly knock them out cold so they realize what they are doing.

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